You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 54 & 55

In Sprint 55, we implemented a number of features for Go Live, allowed adverts to be purchased with tokens, got rid of all proof of concept content, and improved the overall security of the application. The team also got their legal concerns outlined, gave users the ability to delete posts, allowed admins to delete or suspend users, and repaired a lot of the blocking bugs present.

Ad Service


Adverts can be found in profiles under a sub-nav menu. We’ve proved users with the ability to save, cancel, or publish ads. They control running, editing, pause, and termination functions. Ads can be removed by deleting if still in a draft form. The current default time is UTC but should set to the local time indicated by the user’s browser. Ad images can be cropped, rotated, edited, and cloned.

Outstanding Issues

We’re still working on adding reporting features tracking statistics around ad performance. The team needs to confirm if the adverts “Slot” will extend beyond the hero sliders. An approval process needs to be set up around using hero sliders for this as this will be prime advertising space. We should limit access to approved You42 content, our Verified Artists, and Products.

Other questions that need answers:

  • Will the “Cohort” section be regional?
  • Can Advertisers market to specific locations, age groups, or target audiences?
  • Will the “Confirm Payment” overlay provide advertisers with the associated costs?



We added the ability to delete posts. Everything works as expected on Chrome and Safari browsers.

Outstanding Issues

Post deletion malfunctions when using the Firefox browser on a MacBook Pro version 10.13.3. Nothing happens when the user clicks the “Delete” button.



They’re now referenced as UCoins.

Outstanding Issues

Decisions need to be made around which features to migrate to beta. The ability to purchase UCoins with credit cards or FIAT should be removed. Replace that with the ability to buy them with ether or tokens.



We added the wallet address to settings.

Outstanding Issues

Validation needs to be placed around the wallet address.



We removed the ability to create subscriptions.



User accounts can be deleted under manager functions. Logging in from Facebook to cancel a suspended account is now a post live feature. Users can’t download data with a suspended account.



We’ve completed the technical whitepaper around this feature as well as the final design of the token service. Our newly implemented smart contracts for tokens can be allowed to expire. Coordinating with the development team produced a solution on how developers would be allowed to use the API.

Other accomplishments:

  • Laid out how smart contracts would be implemented
  • Designed token service stages, infra, and environments
  • Have API development on-track for delivery in a week to update to test
  • Disconnect mode created for development work
  • Restricted token purchase for all users until ad service enabled

Outstanding Issues

Still working on scaling, planning, getting ICI input, and full requirements. Also, how will users out of You42 tokens?


Outstanding Issues

The “Disable Accounts” button needs to be removed from the main settings. Users might accidentally delete their profile. Let’s place it within Settings / General / Disable Accounts.


Outstanding Issues

Where can the user make requests to export their data as a CSV file?

Next Steps

We’ll work on gathering all information needed for making JIRA updates and prepare for the next sprint phase.

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