You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 56

Sprint 56 saw the successful implementation of our Adverts and the test version of our Token services. The Adverts also provide real-time cost updates. The team built integration between the token and our platform, made improvements to the user journey, and added the ability to delete pages.

Other changes include adding a wallet address for content creators, implementing our dark theme, improvements to the cookie policy, and some general bug fixes. The team has scheduled Feature updates for a push to the QA site on 06/01.



Migrated Earbit users now show in the platform as super users with access to multiple pages.

Outstanding Issues

Further testing needs to be done to ensure everything is working as intended. We need to decide on when to send out the email alerting users to the change and which recipients to include on the list.

Cookie Policy


The team added the policy agreement to the login screen, replacing the BBC website placeholder.

Outstanding Issues

We’d like to restyle the policy notification by changing the wording. Let’s also follow common practice and place it at the bottom of the screen. The wording for “Privacy Policy” should be updated to show “Cookie Policy” instead. You42 still needs to publish the Cookie Policy.



We changed our theme to dark to help improve the user’s experience based on feedback from target audience testing.

Wallet Validation


The wallet address now shows in the user profile under My You42.



We’ve got the designs in and appearing on the first login instance. The Skip features functionality skips the entire process for that session. Onboarding restarts when the user attempts to log in again.

Outstanding Issues

Let’s have Onboarding preload to avoid seeing homepage content flash before Onboarding loads completely. We should also remove the user’s ability to scroll while Onboarding loads.

Other items to address:

  • Recognizing the user’s device size for correct image display
  • Add Close button to the last slide
  • Replace “Skip” text with “Get Started”
  • Remove the K-Pop reference and update the copy
  • Add additional onboarding screens



The Adverts show in the user’s profile and can be linked either locally or externally. You also see real-time updates of impressions, clicks, and last modification date. Adverts are available in both draft and publish mode. The U42 token cost reflects as a decimal.

We’re manually defining the exchange rate as $0.50. Future updates will reflect the market rate of the token cost. Current adverts require manual approval by a You42 super administrator.

Outstanding Issues

Our users currently have issues publishing adverts after filling out the required information and clicking the button. It doesn’t appear to take any type of action. Need to research if insufficient tokens are the cause and provide notification to users if that ends up being the case.


Outstanding Issues

We’ll be locking down this system and making it unavailable to users until it’s fully turned on. That gives us time to test and demo the feature before launching it.


Outstanding Issues

Awaiting further updates to various features including versions of our smart contracts and token service.

Next Steps

We’ll be deleting non-essential accounts, test images, and other content from the platform. Other targets include cleaning up homepage content.


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