You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 53

In Sprint 53, we made sure that all of the environment variables made use of config files and resolved a spacing issue occurring when posts had no text. The team also corrected a URL forwarding issue occurring when links were shared.

Additional Accomplishments

We conducted an investigation into the degree of GDPR compliance, got the application prepared for launch, and fixed an outstanding issue occurring when users played external videos by getting them to play in an IFrame.

Other accomplishments included implementing our workflow to the JIRA Kanban board, moving our QA reports forward, updating our MediaNet document, and clearing our bug swim lane.



We got audio fingerprinting approved for use after having it temporarily turned off.



The team looked into allowing users to download all of their data, which currently exists in a spreadsheet form.

External Video


Users can click anywhere within the frame of an external video play it in an overlay. We gave them the same ability in their Socialfeed posts, though they can’t play them in a separate tab.

Joining You42


We’ve been able to fix the issues users ran into when they logged in through social media applications. They can now log in and sign up through Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Link Cards


Links now pull in the correct associated images.



We pulled together requirements outlining how our token should function on the Ethereum blockchain, settling on the EC-20 standard.

Outstanding Issues

We’re purchasing advertising, implementing our conversion from Token to Cookie methods, and coming up with our token specification and white paper terminology.


Outstanding Issues

We may blend our features pages with user profiles to allow profiles to mix internal and external content. It would also give users the ability to customize different sections of their profiles.

A suggestion was made to conduct an audit of the following sections:

  • User profile
  • User page
  • Feature pages
  • Channels

This would allow us to find and eliminate any potential redundancies among these features.


Outstanding Issues

We’re also trying to decide if we should allow artists to opt in or out of a change that would eliminate their profiles and leave the content. Choosing opt in means keeping the artist’s profile, allowing them to access it, and deleting it upon request.


Outstanding Issues

The team discussed solutions for the overlapping secondary navigation menu including limiting feature page sections or adding a carousal effect.


Outstanding Issues

We need to look into migrating Earbits playlists to the platform.


Outstanding Issues

The application needs better integration between user searches and MediaNet content tags. For example, when users search for “Jazz”, they also receive results for Hip-hop, Country, and Rock.


Outstanding Issues

We need to verify if the original tags came in during the migration.

App Responsiveness

Outstanding Issues

A fix is needed to address the issue of a tablet version of the application appearing when viewing it on a small laptop.

App Styling

Outstanding Issues


The tablet view of the application should reflect the You42 logo.

App Bugs


  • Addressed platform scalability
  • Stopped users from making subscriptions
  • Prevented users from viewing likes totaling zero
  • Increased the stability for GoLive by verifying the code base to remove errors

Next Steps

We’ll be reviewing and testing our latest build and preparing for the next sprint. The team will also develop a Google Form to document bug submissions.

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