You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 52

In Sprint 52, we enhanced the YouTube search capabilities of the Saunter Pro feature and updated the performance for external links. Our users also gained the ability to share most of their content, including items within features like Guidebox and Saunter Pro.

We finished linking the favicon lookup feature. When users hover over Guidebox items, they see options allowing them to perform actions like viewing, liking, or sharing the content.

Additional Updates

The team approved documentation for MediaNet and added the audio fingerprinting technology we’ve been working on through several sprints. We also set up our Sandbox and QA environments, so we’re ready to proceed with testing our updates in these spaces.

Other important items we checked off included:

  • Completing our internal session planning around the technical infrastructure.
  • Making calls to our security and penetration testing experts to talk through various concerns.
  • Setting up our Kanban board for an agile workflow.

Sprint Feedback

Here’s a rundown of items that still need to be addressed along with the results of testing we did on specific features within the You42 platform.

High Priority Items

Saunter Pro

We debated whether we needed to go ahead and remove the feature that sets users up with new coins once they run out. They currently receive a message stating “You ran out of coins so we gave you some more”. Making a decision on this item is particularly critical given the upcoming implementation of our new cryptocurrency system. Whatever change we make needs to be communicated in a clear and timely manner to the users before rolling it out.

Medium Priority Items

Saunter Pro

We tried out the Saunter Pro feature using the following artists:

Mainstream Artists:

  • Weezer
  • Odesza
  • Kelsea Ballerini
  • Raury
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Nosaj Thing
  • Our Lady Peace
  • LCD Soundsystem

Indie Artists:

  • Strumbellas
  • Talas
  • Nora
  • Hatebreed
  • Every Time I Die
  • Snapcase
  • H20
  • Declan Mckenna

Everything worked exactly as designed when we used mainstream artists. We ran into issues with some random video appearing when we used artists like The Tea Party.

Link Card

We tried out the feature that lets you share link cards within Socialfeed. We achieved a mixed bag of results when trying out different cards. Here’s a rundown of everything we encountered:

High-Quality Logo – We achieved this result when we shared Netflix and Cartoon Network link cards.

Default Link with No Logo – This occurred when we tried out sharing a Hulu link card.

Pixilated Favicon— We witnessed this happen when the You42 card was shared.

NPR – This link card did not get shared due to a timeout issue.


We’ve noticed white line breaks appear within some user posts. That needs to be addressed in a future sprint.

Low Priority Items


We tried out the delete playlist function. Everything worked as it was designed.


We wanted to confirm that users could actually upload .MP4 audio files. The team validated that this feature worked exactly as we intended.


The feature that allows for the sharing of audio tracks within the player functions as it was intended to.


The team confirmed that it was possible to view, like, and share features with this part of the application.

Next Steps

We’ll be gathering together all of our notes and begin planning out our next sprints. The team also needs to complete our review and testing of the latest platform build.

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