You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 51

In this sprint, we made some improvements to the new audio fingerprinting feature and laid the groundwork for Laravel. We also removed the text requirement for Socialfeed images, added some additional search parameters, allowed for admin beta key generation, and performed other general bug fixes to the application. The team pulled together a list of third-party services and their associated costs.

Sprint Feedback

High Priority Items

Video Upload

We’re unable to upload large video files because the encoding process takes hours to perform. This was discovered while performing beta testing on a MacBook using Firefox. The music team in Charleston reported the same issue.

Our attempt to upload the video file “Pyramids” failed on the first attempt. The upload page was exited from with no warning. We could not determine if that move stopped the video loading attempt. Some sort of warning should be received when this happens, or the process should be allowed to continue running in the background.

We made a second attempt starting at 10:47 am. No visible progress was seen by 12:09 pm. We’ll try increasing the upload limit for video files to 100 MB for audio files and 1 GB for videos. The actual bandwidth allowed will be based on the user’s subscription type.


Using impersonate might not be the best solution for our takedown policy due to the way it conflicts with GDPR and Privacy by Design. We may need to add a “deny” button to go along with the “approve” function.

It could remove content from the platform and generate an email to the user informing them of the reason and outlining any options they have to contest the decision. Any change needs to be communicated to the user in the Terms of Service.


We need to give users the ability to delete and edit their posts. These options could be housed in an ellipses menu design. This needs to be turned into a story and added to the backlog.

Medium Priority Items


The current software matches content as unknown 98% of the time and is unhelpful in determining its origin. We tested this feature on two different music tracks. The Jon Secada track “Me Entrego” produced an unknown match, while the Aerosmith track “Dream On” matched all details accurately.

Audio Upload

The drag and drop feature for MP3 files produces an error of “Invalid Filetype”.

Beta Key

When we try to produce one beta key, we end up with over 320. Asking for specific amounts like two, three, and eight works as expected.


We might want to rename “Moments “to something more universal and descriptive like images, mixed media, or mini-creations. This should be part of the Proofread story as “renaming”. Reference the terminology spreadsheet.


If we give users the option of uploading their creations, we need to set permissions so that only verified users can monetize their content.

Another alternative to consider would be expanding moments to include non-monetized content like videos, GIFs, and images types like JPG or PNG.

Low Priority Items


We need to create user journeys that outline ways artists could group message their fans. Messaging limits would be different for fan groups versus friend groups.


We need to verify if creations are visible to non-verified users.

Next Steps

The team will review and test the latest build. We’ll also go over the Dev Diary for Foxtail Marketing.

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