You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 50

During this sprint, we updated the app to allow social sharing of content on different channels, started laying the groundwork for emailing Earbits artists, and made the following improvements to the app’s functionality:

  • Added a welcome message
  • Allowed users to like, comment, or review content in Saunter Pro
  • Improved the playback efficiency of YouTube playback
  • Made You42 a default friend for users

Sprint Accomplishments


Access for Canadian and Mexican residents was removed. Only US residents should have access to this feature. We also implemented audio file validation rules. The build currently resides on Staging1. The team is still going through possible Go Live solutions.


The app now brings in images for each article.


When a user presses pause on a video, the audio stops along with the video.

Saunter Pro

Users have access to additional features in the Saunter Pro glance panels. Users can now perform the following functions:

  • Play
  • Review
  • Rate
  • Share
  • Like
  • Add an avatar
  • Provide descriptions

The app also allows sharing of Saunter Pro content like YouTube and Discogs. We noted that random content appears when tagging artists.

Welcome Post

Our users can now create a customized welcome post inside of the CMS. They can include content, profiles, and videos by using a content id. This is only viewable to that individual user.


We updated the styling for Socialfeed.

See More

The content is very responsive in waterfall mode and centered on smaller screens.


You42 will be a default friend for users. The total number of users will be a concern for Chat, Socialfeed, and Friends list. We may rename the term to “fans” instead of “friends”.

Sprint Feedback

High Priority Items

Two-Factor ID

This needs to be added as an extra level of security for administrators.

Medium Priority Items

Saunter Pro

The play all button should be added to the full details page.

Welcome Message

This could not be fully tested as we ran out of verification emails for new users. A new Gmail account should be created for additional testing. We should then add a message preview within the CMS before submitting it. That will allow administrators to view and test the message.

Low Priority Items


We need to add the ability to share this content in the Social Feed as a future feature.

Next Steps

The following issues still need to be addressed in upcoming sprints:

  • Deciding how to proceed with incomplete site features
  • Updating the formatting of our URLs
  • Removing duplicate or outdated stories from our backlog
  • Creating accounts to handle user suspensions
  • Deciding on an analytics solution and how to proceed
  • Coming up with keywords for SEO purposes
  • A solution to handle site monitoring
  • Hiring a team to test our security
  • Coming up with user journeys and happy paths for how users will log into and access our app
  • Automating our system to scale our database automatically
  • Decide on how to handle automated load testing
  • Come up with guidelines for database purges
  • Fixing the outstanding issue with user uploads where they don’t link to other content after the user moves away
  • Continue refining the process of pulling in images for articles in the RSS feed

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Any images or references to copyrighted materials are strictly for development and testing purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

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