You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 49

During this sprint, the team resolved the memory and button size issues with MediaNet. User profiles now load asynchronously for a quicker response.

Users can now schedule album releases on any date. We’ll expand this capability to other media like games and videos. Publishing can be canceled prior to release.

Additional Updates

We added comment modules to the details page and fixed the error occurring when users tried to load additional comments. The word “Node” was removed from content lists and types.

The CMS was updated to allow edits to game contents. IGN articles were added to the RSS feeds. We made more improvements to the Drag and Drop, switching to HTML5 as the basis for this feature. Users can pull content into Social Feed and Chat and post to a feed.

We have audio fingerprinting loaded into the Test2 server and available in the CMS to admins as a proof of concept. Any audio with a percentage of copyright infringement gets flagged. We’re still determining what the exact percentage should be that triggers a review along with other thresholds.

The team addressed the outstanding API security issue. We still have not implemented comments for Guidebox.

Sprint Feedback

High Priority Items


Mexico and Canada need to be removed from the app’s permissions so that it’s only accessible to US residents.

Audio Fingerprinting

An MP3 issue was discovered while testing the Jon Secada song “Me Entrego” in Test2. We failed twice when attempting to encode songs.


YouTube video content plays over audio tracks in the player.

Medium Priority Items

Social Feed

We will remove the user’s current ability to open the Social Feed sidebar within the Social Feed page. When a user shares a post from the sidebar and loads the full page Social Feed, they’re still able to open the sidebar.

This occurs on the MacBook Pro 10.13.2 within Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Link Cards

Favicons do not work consistently. Hulu functions correctly but Netflix, NPR, BBC, and CNN do not. We’ll look into incorporating icons from Windows Metro or Apple Touch for display of larger images.

Drag and Drop

There are no images associated with links when pulled from the front page. This happens when the user tries to perform a drag and drop from the home page.


We need to research how to associate an accurate default image to IGN articles. The default content could be a video or images.

Low Priority Items


The <h4> styling needs to be changed from gray to white. The load time has improved significantly.


Upload worked as expected while testing Jon Secada song “I’m Never Too Far Away”.


The browser is secure when users access Guidebox content.


The styling needs to be updated based on the reference designs.

Link Cards

We’ve updated the styling in Test2. The shortened links function well.

Saunter Pro

It functioned as expected when testing “Weezer” on an iPhone 6s. The details page was displayed.

Next Steps

We’ll look into incorporating Earbits and Saunter Pro Glance Functions. The team will also work on allowing You42 to be added as a friend and adding the ability to customize welcome posts in the CMS.

Finally, we’ll need to review and test the latest build and explore the capabilities of Audible Magic API for fingerprinting.

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Any images or references to copyrighted materials are strictly for development and testing purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

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