You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 48

The team made updates to the permissions for MediaNet and enhanced the app’s Chat features. Other updates included testing Amazon access, adding the “See More” expansion accordion to other sections of the application, and improving the “Play All” feature on music lists and albums. Administrators also received the ability to send out push notifications to all users and to track the history of those messages.

Sprint Feedback

The team went over the following items that need further attention.

High Priority Items


The pop-up users receive when they attempt to play content they’re not subscribed to should read “We’re sorry, the content you requested is not currently available”. An option to subscribe should be added to the message box for convenience.

Medium Priority Items


Users with an iPhone 6s who used Safari version 11.2.2 for iOS experienced issues playing songs on their device.


Push notifications appeared quickly for users during testing, suggesting that a timing adjustment is needed. Even with manual adjustments, we were unable to create announcements in Firefox. The issue might be tied to the fact that we had multiple browsers open while testing, including Chrome.

Feature Page

We made the decision to have all of our sections emulate the structure of the Features page, which groups together any related content. We might use tags to accomplish this.

An algorithm could be added to automate Feature page creation. This would complement the manual functionality already available. It could incorporate the following items:

  • You42
  • Earbits
  • Saunter
  • YouTube
  • RSS feeds

Content from Discogs also needs to be viewable. The team explored using other API’s besides Saunter.

Details Page

The Glance page functionality should be expanded so that users can play content, like it, add a comment about it, or share it. Duplicate content within track listings needs to be removed.


The styling for comments needs to be improved by:

  • Changing the white text color
  • Cleaning up the “Load More Comments” text
  • Making avatars circular instead of square

Play Button

We need to be consistent about the placement of the “Play” button across the application on either the right or the left of the content.

The album cover should be adjusted to stop the blue background from showing on detail pages for albums, videos, games, and other content.

Issues with alerts cause users to experience a “Quick Win” pop-up while playing games.

Low Priority Items

See More Page

Clicking a tile refreshes the entire page due to an old caching issue with Saunter. Styling adjustments will be made to the image sizes, icon placement, and a back button overlay. The grids and lists work as expected.


The Amazon Test2 site appears to be up to date. We’ll hold off on style changes to the comments or pushing any new features or updates.

Play All Feature

This works as expected for all albums and playlists.

Desktop Chat

Drag and drop works as expected for desktop chats, with the experience being enhanced with play, share, and like capabilities. We need to confirm whether the like is associated with the parent container or just the context of the chat.


All US users have full administrative privileges for MediaNet content. Everything works as expected.

Feature Page

The Feature page contains the wording “Node” on the Watch See More page.

Next Steps

We’ll be pulling together the stories to address during Sprint 49.

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