You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 45

During Sprint 45, we addressed a number of priority items. That included adding a list view to our Friends and Fans section and making changes to the styling and color scheme of our forms and buttons.

We also made some updates to our Chat sidebar, the geotags in Socialfeed, the mobile menu, and made a number of general bug fixes and style changes.

Sprint 45 Feedback



The new message button has been fixed to the bottom of the screen. That helps improve the overall user experience with this feature. We also improved the scrolling capabilities within Chat.

Changes were made so that when the Chat sidebar is opened by the user on a smaller screen, the Socialfeed sidebar automatically closes.

Outstanding Issues

When users select a friend to initiate a Chat with, the entire page reloads. We’ve only observed this bug occurring when the user chooses a friend in a new Chat or Group, not a current one. The issue happens when using the application in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on a MacBook Pro.

The Chat text overlaps the bottom message input area when users have the application open on small screens devices.



We reduced the size of the headers for small screen devices. The sub-menu has a new ordering, and users now have the ability to remove friends and fans.



We created some new 16×9 images for the content and links in this section. The sidebar automatically closes when the user opens Chat or any of its settings. The error message module also received some fresh styling updates.

Outstanding Issues

We’re still looking into the root cause of why we’re unable to open the Socialfeed sidebar. It’s difficult to recreate the issue in a test environment.



The updated mobile menu looks great when viewed on smaller devices.



We removed all duplicated colors found within the application. The notification headers and back buttons now have standardized styling across the board. We’re happy with the updated appearance of the application.

The look of the Hero Sliders received an update for large screen devices.


Outstanding Issues

The API that creates hidden notification URLs is not working.


Outstanding Issues

The size increase that occurs when you hover over an item needs to removed. We also need to update the styling to allow for tabbing between the left and right button.



Our geotags received the following updates:

  • New styling
  • A new “Powered by Google” logo
  • The ability for users to do manual city searches

The new search capability works as we intended.

Outstanding Issues

We need to restore the default settings for hotels. More investigation is needed around this issue.

When users click the “X” button, the search term does not clear. We duplicated the steps by entering a term, hitting enter, then selecting the cancel button.

When we reopened the geotag, the search term was still in the text box. This issue happens on both mobile and desktop devices.

Next Steps

The team needs to go over the design of our Link cards, including changing them to a smaller format. There’s a call set up to go over the entire UX/UI. We need to share the designs for the styling within the next 24 hours.

Our delete elements are ready to go.

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