You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 44

During Sprint 44, we enabled new Guidebox content and came up with a user flow to address the appearance of the upload button in Elements. The Features pages content cards also received some needed updates.

Play and pause buttons are now functional. Finally, we added additional information to various sections of Saunter.

Sprint 44 Feedback

Play & Pause


We now have Play and Pause buttons up and running across different sections of the site. Each one comes with hover states that let users view and change the current state of the button. Users also gained the ability to play content within a shared post.

The buttons functioned as expected during testing. We feel this is a great feature that really adds to the overall user experience.



We added new content to the Trending and Watch cards. Testing went well when we tried out “The Gifted” in the updated Trending section.

Outstanding Issues

When users search for Guidebox content using the navigation search, an empty Tastemakers section appears. The bug doesn’t appear when using the free text search on the Home page.



We’ve added pages to the content cards in this section. The new accordion menu functioned as expected during testing.



We updated the edit button to expand an accordion menu to show users different options for changing content. They can now choose to edit a track, its description, the release date, or the thumbnail. An “Are You Sure?” warning overlay was placed over the editing button to confirm the user’s final choice. Everything worked as expected when testing this feature.

We discussed possibly adding a notifications module under the navigation menu. Elements are now available on album uploads, but we might want to consider making them independent.

Outstanding Issues

The current upload button uses a cloud icon. This doesn’t seem to be intuitive to its purpose. We need to look into implementing the green button we came up with in our original designs for this feature.



We used a scrub solution to clean up the content in this section by getting rid of empty modules and duplicate users. The process also eliminated unnecessary songs and albums.

Outstanding Issues

We’re having issues scrubbing content that was removed from YouTube. The Glance panels are missing the following key information:

  • Title
  • Username
  • Avatar
  • Play button
  • Review Icons
  • Share button
  • Like button

We may need to end up leveraging a dummy username, the same way we currently do on the Saunter detail pages.

Next Steps

We need to start pulling together our Priorities document for Sprint 45 and complete our review and build of the current application. The team still needs to finish pulling together the stories that will be added to JIRA. More effort needs to be put into brainstorming a solution for the “Add Element” button for tracks.

A review needs to be done of the entire site to locate any missing icons. We’ll share the SVG files with the development team.

Check out our upcoming ICO or sign up for our Beta platform to get started now!

Any images or references to copyrighted materials are strictly for development and testing purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

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