You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 43

In Spring 43, we added our group chat feature, uploaded Elements, and found a graph database solution. The team made changes to People You May Know and addressed some general bug fixes throughout the application.

Sprint 43 Feedback



We got the group chat feature up and running and made styling changes to improve the overall look.

We resolved the issue around users being taken into their latest open chat when initiating a new message to a friend. This action now either creates a new thread or take the user to a current thread they already have open with that friend.

Outstanding Issues

Users need the ability to search for friends. The scroll bars on the home page and chat sidebar conflict with one another, making it difficult for users to control them individually. The chat scrollbars should be the default.

We need to move the “Update Group” button to the bottom of the page and change the current behavior when a user performs an edit. The user currently has to click the back button to get back to their chat after saving.

The chat bubble should be fixed at the bottom of the screen so that users don’t have to scroll to continue reading.

Users can’t scroll through friends or edit groups when using a Firefox browser on a MacBook Pro. They also encounter a glitch when browsing in Safari on an iPhone6.

People You May Know


We improved this feature using data from a graph database for Cassandra and Elasticsearch. Information appears between posts and never shows up as first or last. It generates a friends of friends list for the user.

Outstanding Issues

We may update this feature to show users potential friends based on common interests. Other updates we’re considering include a “See More..” accordion option for recommendations and adding default content when the user cancels or clears suggestions.



Elements were added to audio tracks, videos, and albums. Users can now filter based on the media type. We added an accordion to the Glance page and made it possible to drag and rearrange elements.

Outstanding Issues

The users will receive the following capabilities in future sprints:

  • Editing
  • Customizing images, names, descriptions, tags, and order
  • Viewing lyric details
  • Viewing image details

We need a concept for each of these items. Users need to agree to all ownership questions regarding content.

Elements uploaded by the user should be shared to the activity feed by default. We need to give users the option of declining this feature.

Users can’t click on elements shared in Socialfeed. This prevents them from going to the element itself or their profile.

Chat Sidebar

Outstanding Issues

Users can’t access key features in the sidebar.


Outstanding Issues

Sharing a creation with others causes images to overlap the compose field when using a Safari browser. The issue may tie back to using Flexbox for the CSS.

Next Steps

We plan to add Play/Pause buttons across the entire site. The team also needs to go over the designs for Saunter content. Items we still need to address include:

  • Removing track numbers
  • Filtering duplicate songs
  • Cleaning up the content cards
  • Possibly placing YouTube videos into a lightbox scroller

Other items to review include the detail pages for streamers using Twitch, pulling Twitch into the content pages, uploading and editing elements, handling payments, Feature pages content cards, and some additional Amazon styling edits.

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