You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 42

During Sprint 42 we injected TV shows into the Guidebox section,, made updates to the styling on our Friends & Fans page, and used Google to add geotags to Socialfeed. Most of the build currently resides in our Staging2 server, with the Amazon changes housed in Test2. We completed our review and testing of the latest build.

Sprint 42 Feedback



Users can tag locations with Google and use that location to search for addresses. The user’s browser needs to be enabled for tracking to make this feature fully functional.

Outstanding Issues

We need to add our UI designs that will improve the flow of the user’s experience. More investigation needs to be done on various bugs within this feature. Users should have the ability to search outside of their current location. Right now the location gets pulled by an API call to the user’s latitude and longitude placement.

We weren’t able to do any research into the capabilities of the Foursquare API as a possible alternative.



Users can now add specific tags to the Feature pages through the sidebar filter.



We’ve given users the ability to search for friends from their profile page.

Outstanding Issues

This capability needs to be extended to cover Elasticsearch. The user should see a confirmation when they initiate the removal of a friend.



The API for TV shows was added, and the search feature worked as expected.

Outstanding Issues

The TV API eventually needs to be added to the Watch section.

Friend & Fans

Outstanding Issues

This section should reflect the Amazon design with A-Z. We also need to remove the ability to immediately unfriend a user that currently exists under an ellipses menu. Users should be able to clear searches and view their original list of friends and fans. We’ll use an “X” button within this field.

Users should see a confirmation tick that gives the warning “Are You Sure” when unfriending a fan or friend. The chat message should appear when messaging a friend. This function currently defaults to the all message page. A loading icon should be added.

Next Steps

We need to integrate the Groups messenger onto both mobile and desktop devices and implement element upload designs. The initial framework should be bare-bones.

The “People You May Know” sections needs to be integrated into Socialfeed. Other tasks to address include adding a Play button to all content and creating Guidebox content cards.

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