You42 Dev Diary – Sprint 40

In Sprint 40 we successfully implemented standalone graphics, added hover states in our Tastemakers section, got Saunter up and running, and restyled the look of our Socialfeed posts. Push notifications are available in chat, and we now have a single curated playlist

We have the CMS in place for content cards and gave users the ability to pass out tips. The current build is housed in our Staging2 test environment, with Saunter working as intended on Staging1.

Sprint 40 Accomplishments


  • We implemented the Play and Add To Discover feature
  • Users can now add likes and share content.


  • The image sizes were decreased to optimize the application

Tip User

  • Users can give coins to their favorite artists
  • The artists receive an alert when they log in


  • We made some complex changes to the back end locally
  • This needs to be archived if we pause Roku or else Saunter will go down with it


  • Our social feed posts now match the intended designs


  • We may need to change the animation on hover states for better optimization


  • Injection was added to content cards based on the individual content id
  • The CMS does not support YouTube, MediaNet, and Twitch
  • Date selection was included for future triggers


  • The appearance on large screens needs to be reviewed
  • We made updates to the CSS files
  • The team needs to establish a beta release date
  • We need to pull together the features list for this release


  • Dummy content is needed to fill this section
  • We need to pull together a features list
  • The team needs to define the best-case scenario for this item
  • Everything needs to be pulled back to a simpler state
  • An upload process needs to be built for the features going in

Sprint 40 Feedback

High Priority


New posts don’t immediately show up in the sidebar without a browser refresh. This happened in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

The text in the post button does not wrap properly in Safari browsers.


We encountered an error while attempting to test on Staging1. This was fixed and tested in Oasis.


Full play should be enabled for one station while the rest remain in demo mode.


The avatars get skewed by a hover state when the Socialfeed sidebar is opened. This bug needs to be added to our Safari issues.

Medium Priority


The overlay is different for the artist and genre stations. Twitter and Facebook can remain for now but Google+ should be removed.

Tip User

Update the test within the tooltips so users see why a tip was given. The tip feature should be in Details, Glance, the Profile, and Overlay. We should not allow users to add negative coin amounts.

The tipped user should receive a notification with the donor name, coin amount, and a custom message. We need to add perks for users who hit certain coin thresholds.


A screen size issue causes an empty state message to overlap the chat box.


The name should be changed to “Section” or “Category” for clarity. The field needs to be turned into a drop-down list based on information from You42.

Next Steps

We’ll have a features meeting with the executive team to go over all stories and the priority order for each item. Our Creative and UX meetings need rescheduling. There’s still one major project remaining that needs work.

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