You42 Dev Diary — Sprint 58    

In Sprint 58, we integrated leveling, XP, and Credits. We also created adverts, launched servers for production and staging, and enabled using U42 tokens to purchase Credits. Gareth successfully wired the token service and created a testable U42 token, while Kristian suggested adding QR codes for user payments. We updated the QA environment and will push it to testing, and have enabled staging for and We still have to finalize UX and UI for the advert process; the design team will share screens for this. Finally, we’ve working on a KYC process, which content creators and users who earn tokens must go through. We will develop a wizard for all KYC processes, and should have a “Exchange & Redemption” process ready by late September.


Outstanding Issues

The most important current problem is that the platform’s pages are not searchable. We attempted to search for “Bob’s Burger Fans,” but this did not produce any search results. This problem occurred on both Beta and QA.

Ad Creation

Outstanding Issues

We need to update the ad creation page to a new UI connected to Zeplin.


Outstanding Issues

We need to explore the concept of bits for displaying our token amounts in a more user-friendly way. We also must adjust bundles so users can get discounts for purchasing Credits in larger quantities. Finally, we must deal with an error popup that shows up when users try to see their current Credits balance. Users must click on their profile, select “Credits,” and click on “number of Credits.” An error message appeared when we performed this process on a PC and on a MacBook Pro, using Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers.



We updated Google Slide.

Outstanding Issues

We need to remove or hide a number of features from this list: Manager Crowd/Event, Banner Ads, Avatar XP & Coins, Socialfeed Sidebar Header Text, Chat Packs, and Avatar Badges. For Socialfeed and Profile Activity, we must hide XP & Coins while putting Username & Time in the center.


Outstanding Issues

We need to update the terminology used throughout the platform. For example, “fans” should be changed to “followers,” “adverts” to “ads,” “Ucoins” to “Credits,” and “Moments” to “Media.” You42 will provide a full list.


Outstanding Issues

We must hold testing until we’ve finished the Daily Goals Dashboard.


Outstanding Issues

Our Feature background images become highly pixelated, especially when they appear on Internet Explorer. It is unclear whether this is due to user error, anti-aliasing, or upload optimization.


Outstanding Issues

We need to reduce the number of screens that appear in Profile/Creations onboarding from 8 to 4. One option is to show either music or video screens according to a random pattern, rather than showing both.

Default Page

Outstanding Issues

We need to either redirect users to the home page or put the “View my You42” button in a central, pronounced position.

Next Steps

We need to review and test the latest build while gathering our notes. We also have to replace the star icon with an updated Credits icon, provide a design for the Token amount and overlay process, clarify for the development team our leveling up designs and a possible solution we’ve created for leveling progress in the U icon, and create Google Slides for terminology changes that we’ll share with our Producer. We have successfully shared the design teams Advert Process, and  the Simplified XP Documentation with the development team.

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