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You42 Platform | Designed For Creators

The You42 platform brings together games, music, video, sports, news, and more, giving users everything they want in one central social space. Our non-native platform is designed around a cryptocurrency ecosystem where record labels, studios, artists, authors, and creators of any type can engage with fans and maximally monetize their works.

You42 Platform Screens

You42 Roadmap

The You42 launch will take place in four phases spanning Q1 – Q3 of 2018.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) enables funding of projects through the sale of tokens. Investors and Supporters of the project can purchase them through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) transaction with fiat (say, USD or Euro) or cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum). An ICO usually sets a goal for the fundraise and a period of time to reach that goal.

What is the You42 platform?

You42 is the world’s premiere social entertainment platform designed around an ecosystem where creators can engage with fans like never before. You42 is a web application built in HTML5 and accessible through any browser, on any device, anywhere.

What is the U42 Token?

Issued and transacted on a public blockchain, the U42 Token is a service token that is used to purchase advertising in a per-use or per-display model based on a rate set by the platform at the time of purchase. The token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 token standard.

U42 Token holders can place advertisements on the You42 Platform by using a compatible Ethereum wallet to access the U42 Token smart contract and transfer tokens for services. Top-ranking content creators on the You42 Platform receive U42 Tokens as a result of their contributions to the platform.  U42 Tokens can also be used to purchase Ucoins, which can be used inside of the You42 Platform to interact with other content creators.

What are the details of the token sale?

Pre-Sale: April 23, 2018*

Public Sale: July 2, 2018

Ticker: U42

Token type: ERC20

ICO Token Price: 1 U42 = 0.50 USD

Fundraising Goal: 50 million USD

Total Tokens: 525,000,000

Available for Token Sale: 60%

Know Your Customer (KYC): YES

Token Ineligibility: Mainland China & South Korea

Accepts: ETH

Token Issue: Upon Close of the Public Sale

*Accredited investor sale

How are the tokens being distributed?

Tokens Distribution:

  • ICO Tokens: 60%
  • Network Growth: 30%
  • Operations: 10%

How will ICO funds be allocated?

  • Market Expansion 79.5%
    Funds will be used to build of an internal team of developers that will fully roll out, maintain and scale the You42 platform, license professional and semiprofessional digital entertainment content (music, video, games, etc.), and support operational activities that will contribute to the platform’s mission. Further, resources allocated to marketing and PR for the platform will focus on building the You42 brand and executing a competitive user acquisition campaign to grow the network and user base.


  • Administration/Operations 20.5%
    Legal, security, accounting, and other administrative and operational costs associated with the launch of the U42 token and You42 platform. Some of these costs include debts accrued during the development of the You42 product prior to the launch of the U42 token.

Will any more tokens be generated beyond your initial supply?

No. The token generation event will create 525 Million U42 Tokens. No more tokens will or can be generated or mined. Further, we will burn any unsold ICO allocated tokens.

When will the You42 platform be live?

The platform will be live and accessible at the close of the ICO.

Our Team

Our dedicated team provides a diverse range of experience in the fields of design, development, game design, animation, cryptocurrency, and entertainment.


Chris Moreau
Chief Executive Officer
Ashley Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Chief Creative Officer
Ed Blincoe
Chief Revenue Officer
Alice J. Thacker
Chief Operations Officer
Spike Wray-Kirk
Chief Content Officer
Kristian Millirons
Chief Technology Officer

Board of Advisors


Justin Eames
CEO / Fish in a Bottle
Gareth Jenkins
Systems Architect
Adam Mottram
System Economist

Brand Ambassadors

Jared Allen
NFL First-Team All-Pro Veteran
Steve Beaman
Chairman & CEO, The McGraw Council, Inc.
Frank Bell
Media and Music Executive
Bryan Boyd
John Dell
Chairman of the Board, Subway Franchise Advertising
Ben Eazzetta
President & CEO, ARES Security Corp
Warren Johnson
American NHRA Hall of Fame
Mark Montoney MD
Chief Medical Officer, Contessa Health
Rich Niemiec
Chief Innovation Officer, Viscosity North America
Chris Reis
NFL Super Bowl Champion
Dick Resch
Chairman & CEO, KI
Dyke Rogers
Jeanne Savelle
International Finance Executive, The Coca-Cola Company (Ret.)
F. Steve Taylor
Founder CEO, Transcom Payment Services


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